Installed March 2001

Carousel Details:
14 Section – 3 Row Carousel
38’ Platform (42’ Overall Diameter)
36 Figures
2 Chariots ( 1 ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Chariot )

The Bear Mountain Inn Resort is located in New York in Bear Mountain State Park. Nestled along the Hudson River, Bear Mountain was so-named because the profile of the mountain resembles a bear lying down. The fully accessible carousel, which features thirty-six (36) figures and two (2) stationary animal chariots, one (1) of which is ADA/Wheelchair Accessible.

The carousel was designed to highlight the area and all the figures are creatures that are located in the Hudson River Valley area. There’s a brown rabbit with its ears perked up high; a sly red fox; a cat with tiny mice scrambling onto its saddle; and a sleek river otter. That’s not to mention a turkey, a goose, a bobcat and perhaps the most unexpected animal, a skunk.

The carousel façade depicts the historical and natural scenes that decorate the ride and evoke the history of the Palisades Park system. Panels range from scenes of the nearby Perkins Tower to the Palisades cliffs along the Hudson River. There are 1917 steamboats, the Stony Point lighthouse and the Walt Whitman statue, a noted Bear Mountain landmark. A scene of the Bear Mountain Inn, circa 1929, is a perfect example of the kind of details that make the carousel such a wonder.


As riders spin, they will also see themselves reflected in mirrors which appear to be framed in rustic shaped pieces of wood. The ride itself is set to offer classic carousel style music as it spins around. The merry-go-round is the colorful centerpiece of the 7,800 square foot pavilion on the end of the green, finding a home between the administration building and the skating rink on the hill above.

The Carousel and gorgeous carousel pavilion at the Bear Mountain Inn have even been featured in the August 2001 issue of Architectural Digest.

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