Installed June 2005

Carousel Details:
18 Section – 4 Row Carousel
42’ Platform (50’ Overall Diameter)
64 Figures
2 Chariots (1 ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Chariot with Companion Seat)

The Bronx Zoo boasts the first and only entirely insect carousel! The Bronx Zoo is located in Bronx, NY and is one of the nation’s largest zoos. The fully accessible carousel features sixty-four (64) figures and three (2) stationary chariots; one of which is ADA/Wheelchair Accessible with a Companion Seat.

The Bronx Zoo located their unique Bug Carousel adjacent to their butterfly exhibit. The ride has four rows figures on each section. A ticket will buy a true flight of fancy on the back of any one of ten enormous representatives of the insect world, including a long-legged praying mantis, a brightly-colored grasshopper, a rounded ladybug, a formidable bombardier beetle, or an endearing firefly. Each insect figure is hand-carved from sustainable basswood and then intricately painted to make each figure come to life. Patrons can also ride in the very unique Dung Beetle chariot!

The Bronx Zoo’s Bug Carousel features a beautifully hand-painted mural highlighting the transformation of caterpillars into beautiful butterflys. Eighteen (18) rounding boards are positioned at the top of


the outer perimeter of the Bug Carousel. The boards, each separated with a three-dimensional butterfly carving, also are hand-painted works of art that illustrate various insects in their natural surroundings.

Guests of the Bronx Zoo can ride the Bug Carousel as a part of the Total Experience ticket, or for $5 per ride. The Bug Carousel at the Bronx Zoo has been a very lucrative addition to the zoo; approximately 27% of their zoo’s approximately 2 million annual visitors are riding the carousel.

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