Installed May 2007

Carousel Details:
14 Section – 3 Row Carousel
38’ Platform (42’ Overall Diameter)
36 Figures
2 Chariots ( 1 ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Chariot w/Companion Seat )

The Endangered Species Carousel is located at the Kansas City Zoo in Kansas City, MO. The universally accessible carousel features thirty-six (36) figures and two (2) stationary animal chariots that are ADA/Wheelchair Accessible one of which has a Companion Seat.

The new Carousel is located near the zoo entrance adjacent to the lorikeet exhibit, just off the new promenade that runs through the center of the zoo. The carousel figures include a wide variety of either endangered animals or animals located at the zoo including, a rhino, hippo, chimpanzee, cheetah, koala and dart frog. One critter is a capybara, one of the animals that will be part of the tropics display opening next year at the zoo.

This carousel also included local flavor by including a University of Missouri Tiger, a University of Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroo, and a Kansas State University Wildcat. Because Jayhawks do not exist in the animal kingdom, the University of Kansas logos are placed on a blanket and shield on a gray carousel horse. A lion features a Kansas City Royals logo since the Royals team mascot, Sluggerrr, is a lion.

Additional detailing has been applied to the carousel’s “center

surround,” which features a beautifully hand-painted mural highlighting animals native to all seven continents. Fourteen (14) rounding boards are positioned at the top of the outer perimeter of the carousel. The boards, each separated with a three-dimensional lighted peacock carving, also are hand-painted scenes that illustrate various animals in their natural habitat.

With the Endangered Species Carousel the Kansas City Zoo hopes to provide a fun-filled experience that will allow the zoo to also incorporate some further educational awareness with the carousel. One way they plan to do this is to create a baseball-type card that depicts the carousel animal on the front and then on the back have facts about the real animal as a way to talk about animals threatened in the wild.
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